Creating Your Visual Birth Plan

A marvellous, and novel, way to present a birth plan….but be sure to take the time to investigate your options and discuss them with your care providers. No matter how well you present your plan, it is the planNING that is important. Making sure you understand the evidence behind each preference and that your care providers will support it. Making sure your birth team understand the plan and know how you expect them to ‘behave’. A successful birth plan takes more than a pretty picture. ..a successful plan is an INFORMED one. How you present that plan is entirely up to you, and this simple icon approach is very valid. The written plan needn’t be more than a few simple statments regarding the points where informed consent (or refusal) is required. The contingency plan is likely to be more serious, and perhaps not appropriate to be ‘cute’.

This icon image approach highlights the importance of simplicity. Your plan is NOT an essay. It is not a wish list. It is a serious document. Your choices matter, and need to be made known (in advance, and on the day), especially when you are making informed refusal of routine procedures. Birth is not a procedure. Birth is a rite of passage. And it should be on your terms.

Combat Boot Mama

A birth plan is a short document to take with you to Labor and Delivery that lets the providers there know what your preferences are during labor.  It is important to keep your birth plan simple and easy to understand. Providing a copy to all those involved with your labor can eliminate miscommunication, help labor go smoother, and keep your wishes from being dismissed.

A visual birth plan is a great way to do this!  By using simple icons to depict your wishes, you let those around you know what you’d like and not like during labor and for your child during recovery.  A friend of mine introduced me to this idea, and when I asked how it worked out she said, “My husband had seen my plan and he and my doula spoke up for me since I came to the hospital already in transition and fought for the birth…

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