Tawny Frogmouth

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Alice Ewing

Tawny Frogmouth

This gorgeous Tawny Frogmouth is a conglomerate of the many who have eyed me from above, with their amber eyes, as I look up at them in awe. The ultimate night hunters, they have long ‘whiskers’ which, along with acute hearing and eyes, help them catch moths, other insects and even small frogs in the dark!

I was excited to see my drawing come to life, using Paper – by Fifty-three (P53) on an iPad, as I drew lines with my fingers, each feather added bulk and warmth to the drawing. But adding that glint in that amber eye finished it for me!

‘Tawny Frogmouth’ is available as a postcard, or mounted on either white or coloured card (envelope included), and on request, can also be printed onto other items, including t-shirts or a mug.

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