The Informed Decision

                          An informed decision is more than just information gathering. An informed decision = new information + old information + current circumstances. NEW INFORMATION Ideally this comes from unbiased evidence-based sources.  The information needs to be relevant to the individual and interpreted into understanding.  … More The Informed Decision


One of the first words a baby says is “NO!” Why is that? and how do you react? I read somewhere in my early daze of parenting (perhaps this sounds familiar and you can reference it) that I should ask my baby permission to touch and talk my baby through what I am doing.  This … More No!

Tawny Frogmouth

Originally posted on Alice Ewing:
This gorgeous Tawny Frogmouth is a conglomerate of the many who have eyed me from above, with their amber eyes, as I look up at them in awe. The ultimate night hunters, they have long ‘whiskers’ which, along with acute hearing and eyes, help them catch moths, other insects and…