20 Steps To Ensure Low Breastfeeding Rates


Blooming Miracle Doula

Possible potential trigger warning – traumatic birth is mentioned, and separation of mother and baby.  You may also detect a hint of sarcasm.

Disclaimer: As a doula, I support parent’s choices.  If a woman doesn’t want to breastfeed, that’s her choice and I support it.  This post is not about that.  It’s about how breastfeeding women are treated.  Mothers who don’t breastfeed don’t get off scott-free, either (that’s a post for another day!) but the way breastfeeding women are treated seems especially unjust, given how normal and necessary breastfeeding is for the health of women, children and wider society.  Sometimes that treatment is obviously bad (the media’s treatment of women as commodities, health care professionals with no current training in lactation); sometimes it is insipid (formula advertising, the puke-worthy “breastisbest” mantra); sometimes it is innocuous and well meaning (this is usually from friends and family who are trying to support…

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