All in Good Time

To induce or not to induce – is impatience the question? I have heard some extraordinary reasons to justify induction, but this one takes the cake: “we can’t be sure of the conception date, so it would be dangerous to go past your due date” err…then how do you know the ‘due date’? and why … More All in Good Time

Would you rather stand aside, or stand up?

 Full Milk asks Won’t Somebody Think of the Fathers! And raises some excellent points, relevant not just to breastfeeding, but also to birth – and life in general.  Women are consistently expected to step aside, to accommodate the needs of others – in this case, the father.  The blog post was a response to an article … More Would you rather stand aside, or stand up?


There once was a dentist, honest and bold Who felt their story was best told As The trouble with consent, Despite good intent, Means uncertainty in how things unfold   This is a story about tooth extraction.  It tells a tale of a woman’s visit to a dentist, and the dentist’s need to obtain ‘informed … More Dis-Consent