Why we shouldn’t promote breastfeeding.

GUEST POST by Kim Lock – Breastfeeding: Promote or Protect? Kim Lock, pictured with her youngest in 2012,  is the author of three novels, and is currently working on her fourth (I can’t wait! She is one of my favourite authors).  She is a long time advocate of women’s rights – particularly in breastfeeding. Explore more … More Why we shouldn’t promote breastfeeding.


Even though time has passed, I wail to the sky mother, This weekend is hard.   Time is but a veil, My moans are all consuming, The wound is still raw.   Does it ever cease? Do I even want it to? As long as I grieve   You stay.    

Swimming in grief

Originally posted on Beautiful Heart:
A wave of grief washed over me, Pulling me down. I could not breathe. I flipped between trying to breathe, desperately And wanting to peacefully slip away, I was trapped between not living and unable to die Not wanting either. Desperately wanting both. Spinning in the grief zone, Consumed and…