Hot Girls Wanted: The Feminist Experiment of Empowerment through Porn Has Failed

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In the late 1970s and very early 1980s feminism came very close to mainstreaming the idea that porn as an industry is harmful to women. Being anti-porn was a view not maligned in feminist circles, and porn was recognized for the scourge it is: violence against women. Then the 1980s…

midwinter haiku

Midwinter closes in The longest night upon us Soon the light returns   Midwinter closes inThe longest night upon usSoon the light returns#haiku #solistice #poet #gatherroundafire #crispcleardaylongcoldnight — TheBirthCartographer (@cath_bellabirth) June 19, 2017

Confidence trick

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The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art has trained some of the world’s most celebrated actors. It also has a commercial arm, Rada in Business, which promises to ‘take our world-leading training and make it work for you in a business context’. Some of the courses it offers are…

Maternal Feminism in the Brave New World

Vanessa Olorenshaw’s Liberating Motherhood was published last year, launching the ‘purple stocking movement’. The book raises the issue of the absence of mothers in feminism and politics.  It is not enough to simply have women in leadership.  Not all women are mothers and not all mothers mother the same.  Society encourages us to return to paid … More Maternal Feminism in the Brave New World