My Book Shelf

  The Birth Map: boldly going where no birth plan has gone before by Catherine Bell This is the second edition of my book. THE BIRTH MAP ​is designed to encourage note taking and to record your journey (there is even space for your birth story). Pour yourself into the book, creating a keepsake. It … More My Book Shelf

How I turned the Beast of Fear into a friend for life

The Journey began as a toddled around the yard The Great Beast lumbered toward me. Black. Huge. Unpredictable. Dangerous. Then it was gone. Just like that. What remained, the Memory, grew. And soon became a Fear. A Fear of Dogs. All. Dogs. The thing about a fear is, it is not rational. Whilst it may … More How I turned the Beast of Fear into a friend for life

Playing Dog

The wolf, once proud and wild, was captured and tamed, And with selective breeding, was soon changed, Playing Dog, the humans discovered a new ability, And selected carefully for size, shape and agility, Humans altered wolves to suit their hunting needs, Then they started creating all sorts of ‘useless’ breeds, Twas the Victorians, in  rather recent … More Playing Dog

The Birth Cartographer’s Guide to The Internet

The internet is Big.  Mind blowingly Big. You won’t believe just how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. Yes, I am a Douglas Adam’s Fan It has been over a year since I left Facebook.  Some said it would be the death of my business.  That I would become isolated.  That I would become obsolete.  Many … More The Birth Cartographer’s Guide to The Internet

I am there

  Like a breeze through a willow by a sleepy brook I will gently caress you Like the soft sun in Spring I’ll bathe you in love and warmth Like the moon when it’s full I’ll light your way   I will never leave you I will always be there I’m the breeze across your … More I am there