Designed to Birth?

So often, in birthy posts, you read we were ‘designed’ This language is meant to ease our fears To which we seem resigned.   ‘Designed to birth’ declare naturalists, almost thoughtlessly, Many do science-based research So this perplexes me.   We are not ‘Designed’ to give  Birth, Not Designed at all. We have in fact … More Designed to Birth?


We are Space Travellers on a fixed path Making our way around The Sun Our Earth Ship sits at a haughty angle Which gives us seasonal fun. The Sun is nearing the Northest point of our view celestial, It’s time to celebrate and sing! At a Solstice Festival! More solstice poems (for winter) midwinter haiku … More Solstice

Child of Mines

The following poem is based on this news article about lead levels in Mount Isa children and a community service ‘living with lead’ advert from the lead alliance. It is clear lead is a health risk, especially for small children and babies, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.  Mount Isa mines zinc, lead, copper and silver. It … More Child of Mines

Curse of The Third

You’re a seasoned Mother You’ve birthed before You did it well  You know the score You know your body Your know your mind But third time ’round Here’s what you’ll find: You’ll be told it was just luck And to forget all you’ve inferred For anything can happen now, This is The Curse of The … More Curse of The Third

Be inspired!

Books for rebel girls, girls can rule the world Be extraordinary.  Be qualified. Be more than. Be bold. Be tough. Make noise!   Aiming for equality but is it the right direction?   Why not an ordinary life, lived well with love and care?   The values I hear are Me me me The time is … More Be inspired!